30 November 2015

Fishing for success

Today I entered my first writing competition. I entered a flash fiction piece, the first I have ever written.  I submitted it to Fish, the anthology publishers for first time writers. I didn't even know such a genre existed a few months ago, yet somehow it captured my imagination. To get across in 300 words a complete story with an emotional edge to it was an interesting challenge. I loved writing it.

It sprang up on me. I didn't know that story was inside me until I started writing it. Now I wonder if they'll think it was worth reading. I'm hoping they will, but I'm dreading they won't. So long to wait. At least I'll have four months of hope to cling to.

Competitions are different from just straight publishing. It's not just about your work. It's about being judged against all others who have submitted. That's different. Tougher in a way. But if you succeed, you'll be a winner.

Somehow, I feel like I've already crossed the line, though. I submitted it.

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