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Daria Olena Blackwell, born Daria Olena Korzeniowski June 29, 1954 in Philadelphia PA, is an American businesswoman and author currently living in Ireland with her husband Alex McC. Blackwell. The daughter of immigrants from Ukraine, Daria attended Immaculate Conception School and Philadelphia High School for Girls, and then studied biology/chemistry at New York University from where she graduated with a BA in 1975.  She also had enough credits for minors in politics and anthropology despite finishing her degree studies in three years instead of the usual four.
Career in the US
Daria started out as a research assistant conducting brain research at Rockefeller University before transitioning into the pharmaceutical/biotech industries. After several years as a research scientist and medical writer at Roche Laboratories in Nutley NJ, she joined Dugan/Farley Communications (DFC) as a medical writer and subsequently creative copywriter. She transitioned into account services and rose to leadership positions, assuming the role of President following the retirement of the founding partners.

Upon the acquisition of DFC by Bozell, DFC was merged with Lewis Gace Bozell and Daria was appointed President of the new entity renamed Bozell Global Healthcare.[1] She served as President for two years through the acquisition of Bozell by True North, and subsequently by IPG. She served on the executive steering committee for Bozell Wellness Worldwide. In 2001, Daria started her own consulting firm Knowledge Clinic Inc. through which she provided strategic planning services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics sectors of the global medical marketplace.

In 1997, Daria joined the Board of Directors of Agile Therapeutics, a biotech start-up dedicated to women's healthcare.[2] She served as a non-executive director for 10 years.

She was elected President of the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) in 2004 and took it through a transition from a regional to a global non-profit with multiple chapters around the US. Daria then founded HBA Europe based in Switzerland in 2006 and introduced HBA to Ireland where she and her husband moved in 2008. In 2011, Daria was named HBA STAR for her leadership of the HBA and work in supporting women in healthcare.[3]

In 2005, Daria was recruited to start a multicultural marketing unit within Sudler & Hennessey in NYC. Shortly thereafter she was appointed Managing Partner of the NY office of S&H with responsibility for the company's largest clients and all digital operations. She left in 2008 to move to Ireland with her husband.

Daria served on various industry Boards, including Healthcare Businesswomen's Association, Medical Advertising Hall of Fame, Medical Marketing & Media, and the Coalition for Healthcare Communications. 

Sabbatical Year
Daria and Alex sailed their Bowman 57 ketch across the North Atlantic from Nova Scotia to Ireland in 2008.[4] In 2009, they continued their journey on an Atlantic circuit sailing down through Spain, Portugal, the Madeiras, and the Canaries to the Caribbean where they spent six months visiting many islands. They returned to Ireland in 2010 via the Azores.

Daria was recruited to join the Ocean Cruising Club Committee and has served on the Strategic Planning team, was appointed PR Officer, and now also manages the Digital Communications Subcommittee as well.

Career in Ireland
Daria and Alex started Knowledge Clinic Limited upon returning to Ireland. The objective was to create a system of online medical education for people diagnosed with chronic conditions to improve adherence and compliance, thereby improving outcomes. Best Patient has been identified as a High Potential Start-Up by Enterprise Ireland. They have been awarded a patent for a secure platform for storage of medical data called Knowledge Vault. The EU patent is pending.

Daria has written numerous articles for the pharmaceutical industry. She is a specialist in marketing to women[5] and cultural competence in healthcare.[6][7][8]

A list of Daria's published articles appears on a separate page.

Scholarly Articles
An article written by Daria on behalf of her lab partners back in 1979 while she was at Roche Laboratories has been recognized as a pivotal work in the study of liver metabolism.

Separation and Characterization of Highly Purified Forms of Liver Microsomal Cytochrome P-450 from Rats Treated with Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Phenobarbital, and 3-Methylcholanthrene, Dene E. Ryan, Paul E. Thomas, Daria Korzeniowski, and Wayne Levin, J. Biol. Chem. 1979;254: 1365-1374

Daria is an avid skier and sailor. She is a USCG licensed Captain and has crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a 57-foot sailboat three times in three years, double-handing with her husband Alex.Daria is also a writer on topics in sailing and has been published in magazines on both sides of the Atlantic, including Cruising World, Yachting World, Cruising Outpost, Practical Boat Owner, Classic Boat, Offshore, Latitudes & Attitudes, Flying Fish and others. She is the co-author of two books.

Books on Sailing Topics

Daria is currently working on her first novel, The Naked Truth, due to be released in the Fall of 2015 and a book based on her mother's memoir of living through WWII as a refugee entitled The Unwilling Immigrant.

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