27 April 2016

Gender bias

To make it more interesting, I'm going to write the character in my next novel as male, with the full intent of converting her to her rightful status as female. I am doing this to free myself of gender bias.

I have found that I, too, am guilty of gender bias even as a feminist. I found myself buying girls soft pink things for Christmas and giving boys cars and tools.  So this year I reversed it. I gave the boys soft plushy toys and the girls got flashlights and the oldest got a penknife, something I would have killed to get as a kid.  I'll have to talk to her to see if she appreciated it or thought I was nuts.

So my thinking is that if I write the character as a male but then change her to female, I may have succeeded in  removing that bias. But can I remove it if I know that it's going to change,  Only time will tell.

PS The girls loved their gifts!  Yahoo. The older one is a fisherman and she wanted a knife badly. Success.

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