24 August 2016

Getting paid and having time

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I have been hired to write blog posts for a website that promotes sailing and travel in Ireland and Scotland, things I happen to be passionate about. Unfortunately, I cannot tell anyone that I am the author of those blog posts as I am the ghost writer.  Anyway, it's great fun to write about things that I know and love and get paid for doing it. This internet world can be fulfilling at times. What it means, however, is that I have less time to do my own work.

I was away for almost six weeks this summer between the US and Ireland, which has set me back in my writing endeavors. Now, I'm trying to kick start my writing habits. It's a bit of a struggle as I also try to catch up with everything else, like gardening and laundry and friends. I suppose 'winter is coming' which for me will be a good thing. I love winters in Ireland. We get every excuse in the world to stay home.

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