05 November 2016


I have been an avid volunteer most of my life. I was a scout leader and scoutmaster in my youth, I joined the Board of Directors of the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association and assumed major leadership roles, and I am a member of the Ocean Cruising Club Committee and serve various communications functions. My husband and I started the Sail4Kids Make a Memory Cruise.

Yet, now I find myself searching for a more meaningful volunteer role to fill.  I have valuable skills that might be put to good use on some Board. My question is where do I apply them to make the biggest difference while fulfilling my own needs, whatever they are?

I find myself wondering what I believe in most strongly. Saving the earth from man ranks up there. Saving the animals from man, especially in the ocean, ranks way up there. Helping people comes into the equation but not quite as strongly. Certainly, I will never get involved in politics. Where will I find fulfillment?  So I thought I might try a few things on for size.

I've just gotten involved with Fighting Words. It's a very interesting initiative that encourages children to write stories. It was very interesting to see what happens when young children are given permission to express themselves freely. It's free for the kids to take part. Check it out. http://www.fightingwords.ie/

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