29 December 2016

Holiday blues

I have been seriously unproductive during the holiday season. We were taking care of a close relative through several surgical procedures which was draining, a young relative was sleeping rough on the streets of Belfast causing worry, the darkness didn't help, and preparations for ten guests at the Christmas table introduced  a moderate level of stress. And the announcements of deaths among the world's influentials just kept escalating with every day, lending a macabre air. That trend is likely to continue as the boomers reach that vulnerable age. Climate change is taking its toll on the Arctic with record-breaking temps. At least the weather was mild here with only a few days of heavy winds.

I am trying to get myself back into writing mode but we have interruptions every day. Today the weather was lovely -- sunny, warm, and exceedingly mild. So I worked in the garden, which always needs attention, but that took away from writing.

Today, I amused myself by creating yet another website. I claimed my personal URL on Strikingly. That's a new service that picks up your LinkedIn profile and creates a website instantly from scratch. I had to make a few modifications, but about a half hour later I had a beautiful contemporary website, live and free. You can't beat that. Happy holidays!

Check it out. Every writer needs one.

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