11 November 2017


I just bought Pete Souza's collection of photos of Barack Obama during his Presidency. I bought the deluxe edition signed by Souza because I could get it from amazon.co.uk. It has sold out in the US.

The reason I bought it? When the images of the past deliver hope for the future, it's a powerful thing to embrace.

I voted for Obama with great hope in his first term. I couldn't stomach the thought of Palin as VP. I voted for him in great disappointment for his second term, because I could not bring myself to vote for the Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Yes, I was disappointed with Obama, but he was human and presidential and a great leader, despite being powerless to effect change against the Republican majority in Congress. I was really impressed with Michele and hope that she considers running for President at some time. But I bought the book because it is a reminder of how good and strong America can be. I bought it because he was a historic figure. And I bought it because I love how cleverly Souza is fighting back against the current administration.

Besides, it may someday be more valuable in currency than today. For today, it's value is as a reminder of what can be.

Here's a good interview with Peter Souza in The New Yorker.

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