24 January 2016

Back cover blurb

We have the opportunity to promote our books at upcoming conferences at which we are speaking. So I had to stop everything and write the promotional copy for the novel I am editing under duress to finish quickly.  
This is critical. Crafting the back cover copy is almost more important than writing the book itself. It's what's going to make someone pick up the book and decide to read it. Isn't that the point of writing a book?  Then back cover copy must be the most compelling part. Fortunately, my background in copywriting is coming into good use. 
What do you think?  Would it make you want to read the book?

The Naked Truth… 

A murder mystery set in adventures on the high seas

By Daria Blackwell

The Lynches set out on the adventure of their lifetimes, having bought a sailboat, quit their high powered jobs in the City, sold their house, and cast off the lines. For the first time in their lives, they were free to do whatever they wanted, go wherever they pleased. They needed to restore their souls after a lifetime of servitude in the corporate concrete jungles. Sailing across oceans – just the two of them aboard – was exactly the kind of restorative adventure they craved.
Little did they know that the adventure was destined to take them to idyllic destinations with exquisite timing – timing that would set Jessica on a course to be the sole witness to a trail of brutal murders. Xander, distressed by Jessica’s tormented ordeal and feeling helpless, discovers that he can help her decipher bizarre dreams that leave clues about the mysterious crimes. 

They learn quickly to be careful what they wish for because no one can tell when their fortunes will change and who will be able to uncover the naked truth. 

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