06 February 2017

Final phase of publishing for The Naked Truth

Yesterday, I completed the proofreading of the Create Space printed proof.  I found quite a few typos, so I took the opportunity to fix a few little things I did not like as well. It's interesting how much more you see in print than on the screen. We made a new pdf and I checked that to make certain nothing went wonky, which can always happen. It was fine. So Alex uploaded the revised pdf to Create Space.

This morning we received a new proof pdf to check, which I did again. Despite their indication that there were a few low res images in the book, I did not see anything I could identify as low res. We're going with it.

Final word count: 95,480. Final page count 400. Plus author bio and promotional pages for our other books. We always take the opportunity to promote the others when we can.

So yipee! I am finished with this phase. Now the marketing begins in earnest. Wish me luck.

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